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24 September 2017

Divinity Original Sin 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Larian Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been scoring big numbers on the review scene along with moving a decent amount of copies across the PC platform. For those of you who picked up a copy of the game and need a little bit of help getting through it, there’s a gameplay walkthrough of the game covering the game’s character creation and missions.

YouTuber Sin Tee has an ongoing playlist covering all the necessary gameplay functions and quests in Divinity: Original Sin 2. You can check out the video below.

At the start you can grab the items on the desk, talk to Siwan and go through the basic tutorial.

Talk to the NPCs throughout the lower deck of the ship. Collect the items from the chests and crates, continue to talk to the until you reach Magister Marel.

You can engage in a fight with the guards and lead them back to the other prisoners to start a massive fight. You can collect the remains and then head upstairs.

Talk to Magister Murtof and if you’re successful you can persuade him to either help you, that there is no mutiny, or simply fight him.

You’ll find Fane inside one of the cabins, an undead scholar, and you can engage him about what he’s doing or you can continue to move up toward the front of the ship.

The Kraken’s tentacles will breach the bow.

Head up to the top deck and kill the voidlings and then make your way to one of the life boats.

Some kids will want you to save some of the people on the lower decks, but you’ll need to kill some of the hatchlings if you do choose to head below deck to help some of the other survivors. There’s a ladder nearby the lifeboat you can use to head below deck.

Finish up the sequence to trigger a cinematic that leads into the next segment.

As the two other survivors are roaming around the island after the crash, move around to the young boy Tam to talk to him.

If you move along the edges of the beach you’ll be able to gather up a few items fro the crash that wash ashore.

As you move up the pathway you’ll encounter a black cat. According to Sin Tee, so long as you don’t skip the Dallis segment you’ll be able to stay on the island and complete the black cat side-quest.

If you follow the forest edge along the north you’ll be able to enter into a hidden alcove.


You’ll encounter Fane once more.

If you’re nice about your conversation and convince him to be a guide in the world, he’ll join your party.

Continue up around the pathway to find Unnis, Carol and a small encampment.

Unnis will explain that there’s a place in the Hollow Marshes outside of For Joy where sorcerers can live in safety.

You’ll have to fight some giant turtles before moving back toward the beach, due north.

When you reach the fort where Dallis is located, you can fight her at Fort Joy, or you can skip her. You won’t unlock the black cat achievement, however, if you do skip the fight.

Inside the fort there’s another quest from Fara where you can help find her missing child. Take the doll so you can give it to the child, which is how you can get the kid to follow you back to the camp.

Further into the fort you’ll encounter Burro strong-arming an elf. You can either mind your business or help out the elf and Ifan. If you do choose to help them, you’ll hav eto fight Burro and Kana.

Elodi will give you instructions on heading to a safe place if you help her out.

When Elodi leaves, you can talk to Ifan and if you want him on the team, “nod” in favor of joining up and let him know what his role should be on the team.

You’ll find some merchants and doctors in-town who you can barter with and use to get healed up.

Inside the cave where Elodi is located, you can talk to her to receive a reward for helping her.

Further into the fort you can head up onto the barbican where the guards are playing cards and take them out, if you want.

Talk to Magister Yarrow, and you can take on a side-quest to find Migo. Beyond the fort, by the beach’s shore, you’ll find Migo, a gheist, eating bodies.

Tell Yarrow about Migo, and then lead her back to him, and she’ll reward you with some weapons and armor, along with a key to help get you out of the fort.

Back inside the camp, you’ll encounter Gawin, who will want you to get an artifact so you can help him teleport and he, in turn, will help you. He will, however, betray you after helping him.

Proceed to kill the enemies along the shoreline to get the artifact, which includes several large and powerful saltwater crocodiles.

Go back and talk to Gawin, who will mark the quest location for the teleporter on your map by the alcove, further northeast beyond the fort.

Follow Gawin through the alcove and to the cliff’s edge where he’ll ask you to teleport him down.

Sin Tee suggests killing Gawin before you teleport him because he will simply ditch and betray you, and then quickly die to the Magisters once you do teleport him. Sin suggests killing him at the ledge instead of teleporting him because you at least get to take and keep all his stuff.

Rulah will have a quest for you – to help some kids and protect them from some dangerous frogs. Inside the cave there are a number of amphibians you must fight, including venomous and charged amphibians – the poisonous ones can do damage over time, however the charged one can do massive AOE attacks so gang up on the electric frog first.

Once you kill the frogs go back and talk to Rulah. It’s suggested that you be at least level 3 before fighting the frogs.

Saheila will also have a quest for you later on, wanting you to get the supplies back from the gruff-voiced Griff.

Griff will want you to recover his stolen crate before helping you.

Go down to the beach and talk to Stingtail. Use a character with either Intelligence, Memory, or Finesse to get Singtail to give up the large orange so you can take it back to Griff.

You can choose to rat out Singtail or not, but upon completing Griff’s task, he will let Amyro go free. If you rat out Singtail then Griff will send an assassin to kill him; you can help Singtail fend off the assassin but be careful not to attack him during battle, otherwise he will turn on you.

As for Amyro… he will want you to save Saheila in exchange for helping you escape the island.

By the time you reach The Arena of Fort Joy quest, you’re nearly ready to remove your collar.

Talk to Mia in the arena. Tell her you’re a believer to get a blessing.

Talk to Thola once you get done prepping your team and she will transport you into the arena to fight.

You can use the higher platforms as leverage to take out the enemies.

When you finally take out all of the enemies, Thola will suggest you see the Tinkerer about the collar.

Go up and talk to Noosey.

Head over to Nebora, and she’ll offer to take your collar off.

If you still have some side-quests to complete, it might be best to do them first before having the collar removed. Once the collar is removed the Magisters will be on your tail like the Flaming Fist on a magic user in the city of Athkatla.

With the collar off, you’ll be able to freely kill Magisters for EXP. Proceed to complete the Imprisoned Elf quest to gain access to a cave off the shoreline.

As you head through the fire cave on the far side of the island as you prep to escape, you’ll have to talk to some slugs. Talk to the Royal Fire Slug after getting rid of Braccus, and she will give you a proclamation. You can also battle the fire queen.

Continue through the dungeons to seek out the headmaster Magisters.

Explore the cells and talk to Eddie to get some lockpicks. Continue through the dungeon until you reach Magister Houndmaster.

It might be best to prep and then launch an attack from atop the platform above to get the drop on the Houndmaster.

After you defeat the Magisters, talk to Delorus and talk to him about escaping. He’ll mark your map for a boat that you can use to get off the island.

Remember, though, if you leave the island before defeating Dallis, you will miss out on an achievement.

Continue through the dungeon until you reach Verdas on the ground. Talk to him about escaping to update your quest log.

If you go up the stairs to the upper level of Fort Joy’s prison, there will be some silent monks along the halls and a couple of Magisters up ahead; you can fight them for experience and loot.

Don’t worry about the monks if you decide to fight the Magisters, they won’t join in on the fight so long as you don’t mess with them.

Reach Ham after defeating the Magisters and he’ll mention that he’s tethering the boat a while longer so you can escape.

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