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30 May 2017

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 5 Walkthrough And Choices

The fifth and final episode of season 3 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is now available for Xbox One, PS4, PC and mobile game users. The final episode gives gamers a brief wrap-up of the events that took place over the past several months, and you can find both the standard and alternate walkthroughs of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 5: From The Gallows.

YouTuber RapidRetrospectGames has both walkthroughs available, showcasing what happens in the standard playthrough and the alternate playthrough where different choices are made. You can check out the standard playthrough below. This usually consists of common choices that most other gamers make as well when they play through the game.

In the last episode players had the choice of killing one of the two comrades while David was being tried for rebelling. Javier ended up killing Joan during a negotiation process.

After a recap of Episode 4, there’s a flashback showing how David and Javier’s father who reveals that he has cancer.

There are a couple of choices you can make that will help or damage David and Javier’s relationship. If you choose to support their father over David then David will feel betrayed. If you reinforce David then he will feel a stronger connection with Javier.

After the flash back ends there’s an action sequence involving Javier, David, Kate, Gabe and Clementine.

Follow the QTE action cues until the title screen pops up.


You’ll have a series of choices to admonish David in how he talks to Gabe.

You’ll then have a choice in either forgiving or condemning Eleanor for betraying the group.

You’ll also have a choice in either cutting off the arm of a bite victim or letting him die peacefully.

If you cut off his arm he’ll die from shock.

Things quickly break down and David breaks Fern’s arm and shoots her husband as he begins to turn.

David will ask Javier to stand with him on the ledge. This is a defining player choice. If you choose to stand with your brother it will increase the bond between Javier and David.

If you show encouragement and loyalty to David, this will further increase the bond between Javier and David. If you choose otherwise it will weaken the loyalty between the two, as indicated in the video above.

Tripp will also make an appearance and you’ll have a choice to reestablish the relationship with Tripp.

Gabe and Javier will have some discussions about David, and then another short action sequence will commence.

After the group makes the swing across the bridge using the helicopter propeller, Tripp will fall to his death.

The group will then need to distract the zombies in order to get to the construction vehicles. Javi will need to split open a walker and walk through them. Simply avoid touching the walkers to complete the task.


David changes the plan and decides to take the group and leave. Kate decides to stay behind and save Richmond.

Kate announces that she’s in love with Javi and players will have the choice to either fight David or uphold the promise they made to their father and tell David they love him.

After David leaves with Gabe, players will have the choice of either chasing after David and Gabe by using the motorcycle or going back to Richmond with Kate and Clementine and saving the city.

If you decide to go back to the city and help the people, there’s another QTE that plays and then you’ll need to open the gate atop the lookout tower. In order to open the gate press the green button.

If you decide to help out at Richmond and fix the gate, Clementine and Javier will then choose to leave and go after David and Gabe.

However, by the time Javier reaches them, David is dead and Gabe is dying.

One of the final major choices will be to either give Gabe the gun or don’t give him the gun.

At the end Javier and Kate will have the choice of agreeing to start family or not while living in Richmond.

Jesus comes back to help save the people, but he can’t stay and says he has to go help other people.

Following a short conversation with Clementine the game will end.

In the alternate ending if you choose to go after Gabe instead of helping Kate, Javi will be able to get to the truck with David and Gabe and fight off the zombies with his bat. You can check out the alternate ending below courtesy of GamerrZOMBIE.

In the alternate ending David gets bitten in the neck. Javi will have an opportunity to talk to David before he dies.

Gabe will then use the gun to kill David before he turns.

Javier and Gabe will then return to Richmond and get the gate open.

By the time they get back to Richmond they find out that Kate has been turned. They don’t show or explain how, but she manages to cover the hole in the wall. It doesn’t necessarily make sense since Javier wasn’t there to open the gate in the first place, so how did she get the tractor through?

Nevertheless, the ending where Gabe lives ends with the two at the memorial talking about Kate’s death, as opposed to Javier and Kate talking about David, Gabe and Mariana dying.

One alternate ending that might be a little difficult to get involves having Clementine go and meet up with Gabe to stop him and David from fleeing. Clementine will be able to rescue Gabe while Javier and Kate repair the wall using the tractor. YouTuber JackSepticEye managed to uncover this ending in his playthrough, which you can check out below.

Yet another alternate ending, if you have a good relationship with Clementine, she’ll be able to save Gabe and Javier will be able to save Kate. If you didn’t kill the Doctor in Episode 4, he’ll also be alive. If the Doctor lives then he’ll tell Javi and Clementine where AJ is, and Clementine will leave Richmond to go find AJ and bring him back.

One other ending known as the “Everyone lives ending” features Javier saving Gabe, David and Kate.

If you build up a strong enough relationship with Clementine, she’ll go after Gabe. If Javier goes with Clementine he’ll be able to help save David and Gabe. Players will be able to talk to David and convince him to either return to Richmond or to “keep walking”.

This is also considered to be the best ending since almost everyone survives, and Clementine gets confirmation that AJ is still alive. However, it’s been stated that both David and Kate cannot both live in the end.

The season ends saying that Clementine’s journey is not yet through.

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