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24 May 2017

Ravenfield Guide: Tips For Beginners And Finding Secret Weapons

In this guide for SteelRaven7’s Ravenfield, newcomers will learn basic tips and functions nestled in the first-person shooter as well as finding secret weapons scattered around the battlefield. Ravenfield is currently available to play on PC through Steam Early Access.

Released a few days ago comes the FPS game Ravenfield. Anytime a new game releases on a platform, namely Steam Early Access in this case, newcomers are more than likely looking for a guide that cover the basics. Luckily, there are two videos that take a look at the basic fundamentals that go into Ravenfield.

I should note that the video below is an older build of the game, but it still stands as of today in helping a lot of newcomers. The major visual changes from the older version of the game to the current build consists of UI changes and graphical upgrades.

You can check out the video by iwanPlays, who covers option navigation, weapons, selecting items, vehicles and much more.

The next video reveals secret weapons scattered around maps. These weapons offer up different ways to take out an enemy or enemies and are situational guns… or better put “weapons”.

The weapons that can be found around the maps consist of a guided multi-shot rocket launcher, a carbine rifle, an MLG horn and a “PIG” gun. Once again, YouTuber iwanPlays has a video showing these weapons and how to retrieve them.

It is worth noting that the devs will update this game every 4-6 weeks with more content; meaning that more secret weapons and other features are set to come down the pipeline. As of now the content set to release can be seen below:

  • Custom map support
  • Steam Workshop integration
  • AI Commanding
  • Campaign mode
  • Custom vehicle support
  • Custom weapon support

Ravenfield is currently out now for PC via Steam Early Access.

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