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21 May 2017

GTA 5 Mod Lets You Rob Any Bank Or ATM

One of the big selling points of GTA V was being able to go on these elaborate heists and carry out some thrilling Hollywood movie-inspired robberies with big chase sequences and epic shootouts. Well, gamers quickly found out that the heists in the game were all scripted and the big moments only took place through the linear story segments or the multi-stage heists in the multiplayer mode. Well, one modder decided that GTA V would be a heck of a lot more fun if you could rob any bank in the game at any time and have those epic shootouts and chase moments take place on a whim.

Modder FelixTheBlackCat recently published the script for the ATM Robberies & Bank Heists mod, which is available to download right now over on the page.

The mod is pretty simple right now in execution, but it houses a lot of promise. Right now you can go up to any ATM or inside of any bank and when prompted to you can hit the ‘G’ button and rob the bank or ATM. This applies to all of the banks and ATMs scattered throughout the Los Santos area. You can see how the mod plays out in action with the video below from Felix.

Yeah, the mod definitely needs some work. Right now it’s a little too bland. You just go up to the ATM and press the button. It would be nice if there were a bit more interaction between the player-character and the ATM… maybe have an animation play of them breaking into the ATM or have it setup where it takes a bit of time to rig and rob the ATM. This would add a bit more intensity to the act and whether or not you’ll finish before the cops arrive.

You can take anywhere between $550 and $11,000 from robbing ATMs, where-as you’ll get $20,000 through $2,000,000 from robbing banks. You’ll automatically gain a level 2 or level 3 wanted status from the cops when you rob ATMs, where-as you’ll automatically get hit with a 4-star wanted status from robbing most banks.

If you decide to rob the Pacific Standard Bank or the Blaine County Bank you’ll automatically receive a 5-star wanted level and earn between $2,500,000 and $10,000,000 from the pot.

In order to secure the cash you stole you first have to get all the cash securely back to the safehouse.

Now the one gripe that I did have about the mod is actually being actively worked on by Felix. Temporary animations are being implemented for robbing ATMs and banks, and he’s also working on additional bug fixes and other glitches to smooth out how well the mod works in GTA V.

It’s a cool little mod worth checking out and shows a lot of promise for future iterations.

Another mod worth checking out is the helicopter effects and random dirty cars mod. This adds more physics-oriented dust effects when helicopters take off and land, giving them a more dynamic look, something that was missing in the native version of GTA V. You can grab the mod right now from over on the page.

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