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9 May 2017

Agents Of Mayhem Story Trailer Works Hard To Try To Make You Care

Volition Software seems to be in a tough spot, gearing up to release Agents of Mayhem on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 15th, 2017 later this year. They’re already committed to the release, and they’ve been halfheartedly throwing out new promo trailers for the game in an attempt to make you care.

The game is essentially a reskin of Saints Row 4 with the ability to instantly switch between up to three squad members at a time, each of which have their own special abilities and powers. The story trailer basically explains the origins for the three main characters they’ve been advertising on the box, including Hollywood, Fortune and Hardtech. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of MKIceandFire.

The trailer shows a lot of generic looking third-person shooting, where the over-the-top, cartoony characters shoot and blow up a lot of faceless enemy hordes, not unlike the gameplay from Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row 4.

If you’re thinking that maybe this game is redeemable and isn’t just a shallow attempt to cash in on the hero-shooter genre that was popularized by Blizzard with Overwatch, think again.

There’s an hour’s worth of gameplay footage showcasing lots of uninspired gameplay featuring the various characters and squads. The environments – set in a neo-Seoul in South Korea – looks pretty cool, but also literally looks like it comes out of Overwatch. Check it out below.

A lot of gamers are comparing it to Battleborn.

It does seem to be a mix of Saints Row, Battleborn and Overwatch, but without any of the charm or originality of any of the games it’s based on.

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