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30 April 2017

Syberia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

Microids and Koalabs’ Syberia 3 is the long-awaited sequel to Microids’ 2004 outing Syberia 2. The French-made adventure game is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. For gamers who need a bit of help with some of the puzzles, there is a gameplay walkthrough available.

There is a multi-video playlist for Syberia 3 from YouTuber AdventureGameFan8, which you can check out below.

The game starts with Kate being recovered by some local Youkols from a crashed boat in a snowy forest. The Youkols help Kate recover, but they end up in a hospital ran by Dr. Zamiatine in Valsembor.

Players will take control of Kate and can then talk to the Youkol guide, Kurk, with the missing leg, who will explain that he and his people are on a special migration to help with the snow ostriches make the great journey, which only happens a couple of times a century.

The first puzzle involves getting the mechanism to work. You will need to first take the knife from the table on the platter and unscrew the plate off the call button mechanism.

Plug in the green wire and push out the button to fix the mechanism. You can press the button and exit the room.

Head into the Doctor’s office and for the lie detector test, tell him the truth up until the point where you can tell a half-truth about Syberia. Tell a half-truth.

Continue the lie detector test and then get the key and get Kate’s gear.

In order to exit you’ll have to solve an octopus tentacle puzzle. You can see how to solve the puzzle at the 19 minute mark in the video above.

The key won’t work because it’s damaged, though. You’ll need to find a copy to repair it.

You can head around and talk to the various Baranour survivors.

Head back into Dr. Mangoling’s office and open up his drawer. There’s a pamphlet inside with a diagram of the key. It’ll inform you that you need to find a pin in order to repair the key to the exit.

Talk to the Baranour survivors again about the key.

Talk to Kurk and show him the brochure with the model of the key. Head onto the balcony and talk to the owl. The owl won’t come – talk to Kurk again who will suggest you use something from the yard to help lure the owl to the balcony.

Head back into the room with a sleeping Anton and take the atrium key from off his neck. Go to the atrium with the mechanical birds. Use the key to open the cage door.

Take one of the mechanical birds from the atrium and use it on the balcony to lure the owl to the Kate.

Syberia 3 - Dr Olga

Go back out to the balcony and grab the repaired key from the owl. Talk to Kurt again, who will give you the side mission of getting his prosthetic leg from the craftsman in Valsembor.

Head back to the main foyer and use the squid key on the elevator, which will take you down the main floor. Talk to the receptionist.

Proceed into the office and talk to Dr. Zamiatine. Ask him about the prosthesis in Valsembor, and Dr. Zamiatine will direct you to the Valsembor port to visit the craftsman.

Dr. Zamiatine will direct Kate to talk to Dr. Olga once more in order to get the release papers.

Watch the cinematic with Dr. Olga and then head to her computer and contact Mr. Cantin.

Once the conversation finishes, head over to the wall with the pulley on it. There’s a multi-part puzzle you’ll need to solve.

For the sword hilt puzzle, align the image on the hilt to repr4esent the squid. You can see how to complete the puzzle at the 21 minute mark in the video above.

For the shield on the secret door with the squid on it, you’ll need to make the upper left gem green, the upper middle gem blue, the upper right gem blue, the lower right gem red, and the lower left gem red. This will open the door and allow Kate Walker to head down the hall into the secret elevator.

After watching the cinematic with the two doctors poisoning the water for the Yokols, head to your left and grab the empty gas can and then use the empty gas can on the barrel marked with hydrochloric acid.

Use the acid in the gas can on the chain holding the dingy in place.

Talk to the Youkols.

Travel back up the river by walking along the river back to ward the waterwheels at the dam.

Modify the valves on the side of the dam until the dial on the gauge hits the green mark.

Head into the tent to talk to the Shaman.

There’s also an alternative playlist available from another YouTuber going by the handle of WalkthroughGeek. There’s a 13 video guide that you can also check out as well, which covers Kate’s journey through Syberia 3.

Your next goal is to get a town pass in order to enter into the town.

Head through the bazaar just outside the city, and enter into the Yurt in the far corner. Inside there’s a box. Rummage through the things and take the bundle of candles near the bottom.

Head through the curtain and toward the guard blocking the path. Talk to him. Go inside the cabin. Activate the stamp machine and take the leather stamp card.

Examine the leather card to reveal the Valsembor imprint.

Go back into the bazaar and talk to the vendor who invites you to his tavern in Valsembor. You can get his wife’s pass by asking for his help. Get the unofficial pass and then talk to the Youkol blacksmith. Give him the bundle of wax candles and the leather stamp card.

Exit the bazaar and go over to the lake where a squid lying in a puddle of ink is located. Take the sponge and use it on the squid to soak up the sponge with ink.

Take the unofficial pass back to the official checkpoint and use the pass stamp machine.

Place the stamp at the bottom of the machine. Then use the ink-soaked sponge in the spoon-like arm on the machine. Place the leather pad on the surface and the unofficial pass on top of the leather pad. Lock the pass in place, zoom out, put the ink-sponge in front of the stamp and clamp it down so the stamp has ink on it. Move the sponge out of the way and then stamp the unofficial pass.

When Cantin comes and restrains Kate. Walk over to the shelf and have her knock it over. After the bottle rolls out, use the lamp on the desk to crush the bottle and use the broken bottle to cut the restraints free from Kate’s wrists.

Give the checkpoint officer the pass to move into Valsembor.

Talk to Captain Obo and then proceed to go into the tavern.

Talk to the bartender about Simon Steiner. He’ll tell you to talk to the waitress about Simon. The waitress will tell you where to find Simon’s shop.

Talk to Simon Steiner and tell the truth about Oscar, the automaton.

You’ll need to help Simon by getting his medication during the conversation. Open the drawer and take the card with Steiner’s prescription on it. You’ll need 2 vials of spironolerone and 3 boxes of lasilactide.

Grab the cup by the clocks. Examine the one clock that smells like tea. Put the cup on the clock. Set the clock hands to 5:00.

Give the prescription tea to Steiner.

After you finish talking to Steiner, you’ll need to pick up the film about Baranour in Steiner’s basement. The reel is located in a box at the bottom of some other clippings.

Kate will need to talk to Sarah and Steiner about Captain Obo. Steiner will inform Kate that she’ll need to convince Captain Obo to help get the Youkols across the lake.

Talk to the Captain in the tavern and then talk to the bartender about Captain Obo.

Sarah will give Obo a restorative once Kate finishes talking to the bartender.

Talk to Obo again, [Coax] him into taking the Youkols aboard the ship, and tell him that he’s “Afraid” of Baranour.

After talking to Obo, head onto the Krystal ferry out by the docks just outside Velsembor’s town center.

Talk to the Captain at the helm and he’ll give you the pass in order to load the coal onto the ship.

Head down below and grab Captain Obo’s logbook. You can read through the logs if you want.

Proceed outside and use the red crank wheel to open the hatch to the lower deck.

Head down off the dock and toward the storehouse. Use the code 0509 to open the door and go inside. Push the cart to near the end of the line to the second to last coal chute. Take the chute from inside the cage and grab the lead pipe. Use the chute and attach it to the second to last coal chute and then press the button to open the chute and fill the cart with coal.

Go back to the end of the rail line and press the lever to switch the tracks.

Head to the very end of the line and get onto the motor-cart. Use the knife to pry off the top green button and place the button on the bottom right knob that’s missing the button. Turn on the motor-cart and push the coal outside.

Use the 0509 code to activate the crane and then proceed to climb up to the top to activate the controls. Swivel the crane around and pick up the crate. Use the instructions at the 13:00 minute mark in the video above to help guide you in moving the crane around to get the coal on the ship.

Go back on board the ship and hook the water nozzle up to the Krystal.

Head up the water tower and flip the lever to fill up the Krystal.

Head back inside the ship and talk to Obo about duplicating the key for the Krystal.

After talking with Captain Obo, head back to Steiner’s workshop. Talk to Sarah and explain the situation. Take the crank and examine the model ship in the workshop’s basement. Use the crank to remove the cage on the ship.

You’ll need to take note of the numbers mentioned on the plaque.


You’ll need to keep in mind the following sequence of numbers: 2, 98, 60, 80, 30

You’ll need to then use the code: 30, 80, 60, 100

This will open up the top hatch and a key will be inside.

Head over to the desk and take the blank key from the small case of keys.

Open up the key making machine and put the miniature ignition key inside.

Take the key blank and place it into duplication slot on the right side. Apply about 200 pounds of pressure and crank the lever to duplicate the miniature ignition key into a full sized key for the Krystal.

Head back to the Krystal and put the duplicate key into the ship’s ignition.

Next up you can try talking to the mayor to get the port gates open so the ship can leave the Valsembor docks.

Head back into town and go visit the mayor.

Talk to one of the protestors and then talk to the mayor.

The mayor will give Kate instructions on how to operate the mechanisms to open the port locks.

Go back to the Krystal and talk to Captain Obo about the diving suit and the lake monster. Go to the seawall shed and he’ll have the shed open so Kate can get the diving suit and breathing apparatus.

Take the helmet, the diving suit, and the oxygen tank.

Use the empty air tank on the air compression machine and turn on the oxygen and fill up both air bottles with oxygen once you lock them into the machine.

Go into the changing room to put on the gear.

Head underwater toward the valve system. Pick up the large cog and valve key. Take the stacked gearwheels by the lock mechanism. Head toward the broken tugboat and take the chain. Add the chain to the crank wheel so that the left side of the door can be opened.

Head to the opposite side of the gate and use the lever on the lock mechanism. Use the valve key to open the lock panel and turn the valve to open the right side of the gate.

Go talk to the Youkol shaman.

Watch the cinematic and then talk to the shaman again on board the Krystal.

Talk to the rest of the crew and then talk to Sarah.

Head back into town and go to the wheelbarrow with the wedge underneath it. Take the two wedges. Head up to the cable car control booth.

Look down at the gap and place the wedges under the door until it causes the door to fall in.

Once inside, use the knife to open the power box and flip the lever. Bring the cable car down and ride it back up to the clinic.

Kate will sneak back into the clinic. You’ll then need to move her over to one of the doors that leads back outside where a helicopter is parked out front. Go inside the helicopter and grab the walkie-talkie.

Go back into the clinic and use the walkie-talkie to district the Colonel and his men from the vestibule. Proceed down the hall and talk to Mr. Steiner and then head to the room where Kurk is located.

Examine the notepad on the side of his wheel chair and take the paperclip.

Open the back of the chair’s panel and use the paperclip in the gear mechanism.

Examine the needle distributor and drain all the green fluid. Open the top of the distributor and poor the Shaman’s medicine inside. Use the crank handle mechanism on the back of the needle fulcrum and it will administrator the serum to Kurk.

Examine the compartment on the side of the chair and open it up. The code for the chair is located on the torn off piece of the note from Dr. Mangling. You can instead simply take the statue on Dr. Olga’s desk and use it to smash the code box.

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