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24 April 2017

Late Shift Gameplay Walkthrough

One of the newest adventure thrillers to launch for home consoles and PC is CtrlMovie and Wales Interactive’s full motion video game, Late Shift. The game features a multi-choice story centered around a law student forced to make some tough choices. With the multiple endings and quick reflexes required to get the best ending in the game, there’s a walkthrough available to help you get the best ending possible.

The first choice is to choose to be selfish.

When you encounter the man at the subway, you can choose to either help or ignore the man. Choose to help the man before boarding the subway.

The next set of choices involves giving the keys of the Maserati to the girl. The next segment involves choosing to either tie the girl up or not. If you choose to tie her up she’ll bite at your hands and run off and the robber man will take young boy Matt as a hostage.

You can choose to run or not, but it’s likely best not to run, as indicated in the video. If you stay calm and don’t say anything out of turn, things will work out for Matt.

During the bid you can either let May continue bidding or intervene. Continue to let May bid all the way to the end.

You can either attempt to prevent the heist or do as you’re told. While in the elevator choose to Do As You’re Told.

You can either alert the guard or play along. Choose to play along. Jeff will then tell you to stop the trolley. Choose not to stop the trolley.

Be sure to enter the correct key code and it will allow them to exit without any problems.

After the crash you can either take the bowl to Mr. Woe’s or go to the police. You’ll also be able to choose to either help May-Ling or leave her. Convince May to follow you.

While inside the restaurant choose a fortune cookie from out of the bowl after the waiter tells you to take a cookie.

When you meet Mr. Woe, choose to disbelieve him and reject the offer.

You can either choose to go to the police or follow May.

You can withdraw or kiss may – choose to withdraw and when the men come for you, head downstairs and continue to the floor below. When you finally get outside you can either trust or not trust May – if you trust her you can get away.

When you go to visit Sebastian in the hospital, prove to him that the real porcelain bowl was swapped.

Head back to the auction house and head up when you get into the elevator.

When you get to the computer you can either continue or leave the office. Choose to continue on the computer and then take the elevator down with the security officer down toward the car park – just continue as normal and don’t act stupid.

May-Ling will call and you can either accept or deny the call; accept the call. You can also choose to either take the bowl to Parr’s or to the Tchois. Choose to go to Parr’s. Place the bowl on the table for Parr, and let him attempt to drop it.

This will result in the “Good Ending” for the game.

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