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10 April 2017

Beat Cop Gameplay Walkthrough Guide

Pixel Crow’s Beat Cop was one of the few games that has been riding low on the radar despite being a very different kind of adventure title most gamers aren’t entirely used to playing. It’s a pixel side-scroller set in the dirty urban trenches of a metropolis, where players will take on the role of a downtrodden and out-of-his-luck beat cop. If you’ve been having trouble getting through the short but poignant title, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available.

Youtuber tr1ppa has a complete playlist for the game from start to finish, giving you a complete look at what you need to do in order to complete the game. You can check it out below.

So first off, you’ll get a few instructions on how to play the game from Fat Mike.

You’ll be able to follow your quest progress using your notebook. Click on it to see what your tasks are.

You can write tickets by clicking on the ticket tab and then clicking on the vehicle you want to give a ticket. You can also click on the walkie-talkie to report a car, report a person or call a tow truck for an illegally parked vehicle.

After Mike gives you a rundown of the basics, you’ll need to venture around the neighborhood and talk to people and get to know the shop owners.

You can run by double-clicking where you want to go. You’ll have a stamina meter, though, so be careful not to run too much until you need it.

For the first day, simply check the parking meters, hand out tickets and and deal with the shop owner problems up until 4:00pm.

After Mike bites the dust, the next day will require you to hand out at least 5 tickets.

The better you do at carrying out and finishing objectives, the more money you make on the pay check. You’ll also have only three days to get $300 for alimony.

The more you eat the better your stamina will be, so be sure to get a coffee at the Moonwalk diner at the start of the day to give your stamina a boost.

You can also talk to people of interest in the neighborhood when they have icons flashing above their head, including outdoor vendors and mafioso types hanging around the shops.

You’ll also have special tasks to complete, including investigating bodies and breaking up fights. Remember to get there on time otherwise you could end up failing the mission and they’ll dock your pay for that.

On Day 3 you’ll need to check the tires on the cars and issue tickets for faulty tires. Additinoally, you’ll have to go to the church to check on a witness statement. Simply talk to the people in the area to complete the task.

Remember to do what you can for the neighborhood and avoid unnecessary tickets or disturbances.

If you repeatedly hand out false ticket reports, they’ll dock your pay.

On Day 4 you’ll need to complete a number of different tasks, including towing three cars, handing out five tickets, and checking in on Dayzee. You’ll also need to deal with the Italians running a racket on the local stores.

You’ll need to complete quite a few tasks during the day, so work fast.


One of the side-missions include checking a gang van with crack cocaine in it. You’ll only have a few moves to find the dope, so be smart about how you move. It may be behind the tire, though.


You’ll have a choice to either give the drugs to the mafia or turn it in to the police.

If you want to keep the mafioso from threatening the local stores, be sure to check in regularly to see if they’re extorting local business owners. You’ll have the choice to either threaten them or back off and let them do their business.

For Day 5 you simply have to write up five tickets for tires and watch for Igor.

There’s a tire guide at the top left hand corner in the briefing room to let you know what good and bad tires look like and what constitutes a ticket for violating traffic parking laws.

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