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1443530cookie-checkSubnautica Plague Update Gains New “Infected” Trailer
5 March 2017
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Subnautica Plague Update Gains New “Infected” Trailer

The game that is known to crash a lot, Subnautica, has a new update entitled “Infected”. The update’s sole purpose stands to fix certain bugs and functions in the game while adding a mysterious plague known as the infection sweeping through the depths of the ocean biome.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s deep-sea game has been out since December 16th, 2014, and the game is still in Early Access as of 2017. But that’s beside the point, the point and main focus here is that the devs updated the game with various fixes and improvements, coupled with a mysterious plague that sweeps the aquatic planet.

Some creatures dwelling around and about are not only acting weird, but also contain an infection, or disease, that seems to be spreading quite quickly. The devs elaborate on the strange happening and talk a little about a self-scanning tool to monitor said problems:

“A mysterious disease has presented itself throughout the world in the latest update, posing a threat to both the local wildlife and to you. Luckily, with the introduction of self-scanning, it’s now easier to monitor for possible infection.”

Tagging along with the infection is a giant structure that lies beneath the vast ocean of water. As of now, though, the structure stands to be a tease for something bigger to come. Only the exterior of the new location can be explored, but in a future update, all of it will be present to explore.

Something that can be explored in the Subnautica new update is the Crag Field, which was previously an empty seabed. It is said that Bone Sharks lurk in the area, however upon searching the nearby location you just might find useful resources.

Subnautica is out now for PC via Steam Early Access and Xbox One. If you want to check out the new trailer you can, which sits below and comes in by Subnautica’s YouTube channel.

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