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2 February 2017

Conan Exiles: How To Craft Iron Tools

Funcom’s Conan Exiles is the latest survival game to land on Steam’s Early Access that has managed to win over a lot of gamers. The title takes themes and visuals from Robert E. Howard’s classic series and puts it into the sort of realm that you would expect from Rust or The Forest. If you need help in crafting tools and items in the game, this guide will teach you how to craft iron tools in Conan Exiles.

YouTube outlet SF Gaming managed to put together a quick 10 minute tutorial explaining how to build and craft iron tools in Conan Exiles.

First fine iron stones. They look a little blue in hue. You’ll find them

You’ll need to put some skill points into crafting until you’re a level 2 Apprentice Craftsman. You’ll be able to make a stone hatchet, fiber bedroll or twine.


You’ll also need to unlock the Journeyman Craftsman skill in order to make iron picks, iron hatchets and silk. You’ll need to invest 3 skill points into the Journeyman Craftsman skill, along with 3 points into the Blacksmith skill so you can craft the furnace and the blacksmith’s bench. And you’ll need to access the Tanner skill, which costs 3 points.


After learning these skills you’ll now be able to craft items.

You’ll need to individually learn weapon crafting skills.

However, you’ll need to first build a furnace and then smelt the ore. Iron turns into ingots and stone turns into bricks.

After you unlock the above skills you’ll need to craft the Blacksmith’s Bench. You will need 50 bricks and 100 iron bars.

Once you have the necessary resource materials, make the bench and access it. You’ll be able to craft the items whose recipes you learned from your skill menu.

So if you chose to learn how to craft picks, swords, pikes and axes, those recipes will show up in your crafting menu when you open up the blacksmith bench.

The necessary crafting materials you’ll need to make the items will show up underneath the name of the item in the crafting bench.

For leather, you’ll need the tannery. You’ll need hides to tan, and then dry the hides out to turn it into leather, which is necessary to make the iron pick.


Crafting items and weapons takes a while. Higher grade items definitely take longer to craft than lower grade items.

It’s mentioned in the video that the only real challenge is finding the iron nodes for ore around the game world. However, that’s part of the advantage of venturing out and finding those nodes.

Conan Exiles is currently in Early Access over on Steam.

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