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29 January 2017

Yakuza 0: Boss Battle Guide

Sega released Yakuza 0 in the West for PS4 gamers, giving them an opportunity to experience the beloved new entry in the long-running franchise that started way back on the PS2. With the new game up and out on PS4, some gamers have been looking for a little bit of help with the bosses in the new title. Thankfully, some gamers have been kind enough to put together a video demonstration on how to defeat each of the main bosses in the game.

YouTuber devilleon7 has a playlist for each of the Yakuza 0 bosses. You can check out the video below if you need a few tips on how to beat them.

During the Daisaku Kuze clan story, you’ll face off against the lieutenant, Daisaku Kuze. You can get an early advantage by using the Rush style at the start of the fight. Proceed to switch to the Brawler style to start dishing out the damage after you get him off his feet so you can start doing some serious damage to him.

Watch out for his boxing and be sure to swivel around once he starts his combo to lay a thick, meaty fist into his backside.

Jun Oda is next on the list. You can use the Brawler style to dish out short but devastating attacks. If you get a level 3 power-up, be sure to grab Oda-san and diminish his life even further. You can also combine your special attacks with the furniture in the area, as indicated in the video below.

Be sure to never run directly at Oda, otherwise, he’ll throw his nightstick directly at you and interrupt your incoming attack.

For the “Massive Man” Makoto Makimura boss fight, you’ll need to use the Thug fight if you want to get the early advantage against Makimura-san.

You can dwindle a third of his life with a basic combo, even on the Legend difficulty setting. Just dodge his attacks and keep the combos going.

The next boss fight is against Daisaku Kuze… again. This time you’ll have to fight him in the dank narrows of a sewer passage.

The Tojo clan lieutenant comes back with a pipe in hand, making him slightly more difficult than last time. In the video, the Legend fighting style is used first in order to knock Daisaku off his feet so that he can become disoriented. Afterward, the Brawler style is used to whittle down his life.

Just remember to dodge the pipe swing first before you start a combo, otherwise, you might end up taking unnecessary damage.

The next fight is against Wen Hai Lee, who isn’t that much of a problem so long as you are good enough to time your attacks and complete the quick-time events.

Also be careful about standing too close to Wen Hai Lee, because he will grab you and use a belly-to-belly suplex on you.

Homare Nishitani is the next fight, the Kijin clain Chairman. The fight takes place in Majima’s cabaret club. Nishitani is very quick. He’ll also dodge and block frequently, so keep your distance and wait for an opening before attacking.

Nishitani has a jumping knife attack, so when he does it he leaves himself open for a bit, using that opportunity to attack him from behind.

Kiryu will have to face off against the Tojo clan’s Daisaku Kuze… yet again.

This time Kuze has metal knuckles and some henchmen helping him out. Be sure to take out the henchmen first otherwise they won’t let you get in any damage on Kuze. Use the telephone sign or other objects to deal damage to the other thugs, or use Beast Mode to grapple and take out the other guys.

You can also use the Beast Mode on Kuze once his life is low enough; a single special grapple will do him in..

The next series of fights are against the Colosseum participants, including Orange Chapman, Doctor Kirihito, and Dead Puncher. Dead Puncher is actually the easiest of them all just because his punches are easily telegraphed, simply get around to his side and pummel him until his life runs out.

Kijin clan chairman Homare Nishitani gets a second beat down in a fight that takes place in prison.

It’s the same as before, only this time you get the advantage of using Thug style against the cell bars, so you can do extra damage to the crazed and chairman.

Tojo clan’s Nikkyo Consortium president, Masaru Sera, is the next boss on the list. Don’t try grabbing him from behind early in the fight, otherwise, he’ll just reverse it and make you feel some pain.

Sera can be quick, but you can dodge in between the first punch and start of the second combo in order to get around his attacks and dwindle his life.

Kiryu will have to fight Kuze again, this time inside of a little room as they attempt to save Tachibana.

Kuze will have some additional men with him so be sure to beat them down first before fighting Kuze, otherwise, they will get in your way and cause you trouble as you attempt to fight him.

Kuze has a lot of life this time around, so the fight will go on for a while.

The final boss fight is against the Dojima Tojo clan lieutenant Keiji Shibusawa. He’s a tough one with his combos and attacks. Just circling him won’t do because he has sweeping crescent kicks and hook punches in his combos that can get you while you attempt to circle him.

Instead, wait for him to finish his combo and then launch your attacks. Use Brawler in the first part of the fight but then switch to Beast Mode after falling over the railing to do extra damage.

Beast Mode works well because in the second part of the fight Shibusawa switches his combos to be more straight forward and you can take advantage of this by using grabs and straight Beast attacks.

If possible, make use of Yakuza 0’s Legend style to finish off Shibusawa.

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