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20 January 2017

Gundam Versus Stage Event Slated For January 21st

Fans following Gundam Versus will find that Bandai Namco will host a stage event showing the game in action this weekend. The stage event is currently planned to take place on January 21st at 16:00 JST, and will be held at the Taipei Game Show. Gundam Versus is set to debut for PS4 and currently has no release date as of this moment.

Mecha fans and gamers who are fond of fast-paced fighting games will find that both genres are present in Bandai Namco’s upcoming Gundam Versus game, which is set to have a showing at the Taipei Game Show starting on January 21st.

I assume Bandai Namco will reveal the full roster of playable mechs when the event rolls around, because as of now fans only know of 12 playable Gundams in the game that were revealed during the Closed Alpha test.

If you are curious and wish to know all 12 the screenshots beneath each of the 12 names given respectively sit below for you to look over:

  • Gundam
  • Guncannon
  • Gouf
  • v-Gundam
  • Wing Gundam Zero
  • Tallgeese
  • Unicorn Gundam
  • Shinanju
  • Gundam Exia
  • Gundam Kyrios
  • Gundam Barbatos
  • Full Armor Gundam

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The images above come in thanks to Famitsu, which holds a bevy amount of screens showing the game off in its magazine and at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 event.

Moving things along, the game can be seen if you’ve missed out on 2016’s gameplay during a special event in December. The gameplay footage of Gundam Versus comes from a snippet of Gundam Festival #3 live stream, which was apart of the game’s Alpha test.

The video above running for five minutes comes in thanks to HD Kirin.

Producer Naoya Yasuda will make an appearance at the upcoming stage event that is slated to take place on January 21st at 16:00 JST, and will be held at the Taipei Game Show. The event can be seen live over on YouTube (Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia) and Twitch.

The game currently has no release date, but what is know is that Gundam Versus will release on the PS4 and will have an Asian English version, too.

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