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27 January 2017

Enter The Gungeon Supply Drop Guide To Finding Secrets

Looking for a quick guide to finding secrets in Devolver Digital and Dodge Roll’s Enter The Gungeon Supply Drop? If so, this guide will cover secrets, weapons, items, enemies, achieving the true ending and more. Enter The Gungeon is out now for PC and will hit PS4 sometime in the near future.

Finding Secrets

First thing up in this guide is how to find secrets in Enter the Gungeon. It is quite apparent that this game takes on the rogue-like genre, therefore it randomizes each time the player enters a room mixing things up. However, there are a few tricks you can pull out so that you can find secrets with ease.

Looking for cracks in walls is a good place to start. This allows you to venture forth without having to miss out on hidden goods by using Blanks to blow up cracked walls.

Another alternate way in finding secrets is to buy a map. This will prove to be useful because you’ll be able to see where secrets are by looking closely to the map. Another way is to move around rooms looking for suspicious looking areas around a room.


If you are in a race to discover all the weapons in the Supply Drop update you can find the TL;DR or “too long; didn’t play” version below. The image comes in courtesy of Gamepedia.


Below reveals the items that can be found in the Supply Drop update. The two images also come in thanks to Gamepedia.


Next up on this list are the enemies of Supply Drop. Each enemy type can be seen below, and like the weapons and items listed above you can click on the link to Gamepedia to read up on each individual enemy (or whatever has your curiosity) to find out more. You can check out each of the enemies below.


A video by YouTuber Sooo Mungry has a guide up that covers the secret ending. The video shows a fight between Agunim and the final boss “Evil King Cannon” that grants the alternate Bullet costume.

Other stuff

The information below contains details regarding extra enemies and other stuff in the game. You can click on the links in the bulleted list and it will take you to that specific feature in the game.

If all the tips above not working with your progress, we also provide you with Enter the Gungeon cheats that come with God Mode and Easy kills.

Enter The Gungeon is out now for PC via Steam, and will later hit PS4 sometime in the near future.

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