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4 January 2017

Dark Devotion Enters Steam Greenlight And Seeks Votes

Dark Devotion is an indie game that follows a warrior through a temple in an attempt to show true discipline and devotion by overcoming the dark shrine, which is filled with restless abominations lurking for the weak willed. The 2D hack-and-slash game, with hints of RPG elements sprinkled throughout, is currently seeking votes on Greenlight.

The devs behind Dark Devotion seek to bring another type of hack-and-slash, adventure game to the indie scene, which holds familiar elements from other 2D games, except it challenges players with enemies with actual patterns that take skill to defeat.

Additional information regarding this game sits below.

“Dark Devotion invites you in a rich and particular universe. You will go through more and more confrontations. If you succeed, don’t rejoice too quickly because each step will bring you closer to darkest revelations.”

When playing the game you (the player) will have the choice to loot a lot of items, weapons, armor and other relics hidden within the temple that raise your stats to create a unique build custom to you. In addition to customization the game allows you to equip mystic runes and other special items that also play an important role when traversing the temple.

One complaint I do have before showing the trailer to you is that the game seems a little too dark at times. At some points the character(s) can blend into the background, or the overall design of the stage/sector can be muddled out by the sheer shadows draping the environment. I know that the “dark” is suppose to be something of a theme here, but the game could use just a little bit more light in my opinion.

Aside from that the game is looking pretty good, which you can be the judge by watching the video trailer below.

The devs note that you will be able to discover a “complex story” behind this temple by talking to different NPCs, fighting certain enemies, reading texts of past travelers, and finding other relics lost in the place.

If Dark Devotion is a project that you’d like to see move on through Steam Greenlight you can vote for it by heading over to said platform. If you want to learn more regarding the devs, Hibernian Workshop, you can visit the devs Twitter page — seeing how they don’t have an official site yet.

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