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13 November 2016

Beholder Gameplay Guide

The game Beholder has really taken a hold of gamers thanks to its dystopian themes and unique art style. A lot of players have become engrossed and captivated by the stark moral decisions and sometimes seemingly impossible tasks laid upon the main protagonist, but there are some visual guides out there to help walk you through the process of filing reports, maintaining the State’s directives, and either helping or ratting out your tenants.

The game follows a State appointed landlord named Carl Stein who is put in charge of an apartment by the Ministry of Allocation. Players will need to decide between being loyal to the Motherland or showing empathy.

Players will be given an option to either follow the State to the ‘T’ or show empathy and protect tenants during summary documentation when the tenants break the totalitarian law. YouTuber IGP has a video series for Beholder posted up to give you a basic rundown of the controls and mechanics that you can check out below.

When NPCs have an exclamation mark over their head it means they have a quest for you. Click on them to take up the quest. You can check out the options and quests by pulling out the tab on the right side of the screen. It shows the checklists, messages, and profiles.

When you click on searchable items you can choose to take items if there are any within the object.

You can install cameras in different objects in order to spy on tenants.

You receive money and reputation points. You can use reputation points to politic with other NPCs, sometimes persuading them to do things that they may not do otherwise.

You can use the money to purchase items from the shop. The key that they give you at the beginning allows you to enter into every apartment in the building, but you need to make sure you only enter a tenant’s apartment until the tenants leave. You can only see into apartment buildings that are not your own until you install cameras.

You can purchase items, such as cameras, by clicking on the shopping cart button at the top of the right-hand corner of the screen.

You can pause the game using the pause button at the top left-hand corner of the screen. There’s a fast-forward button as well to speed things up. Once you install a security camera you’ll be able to see what’s happening in the tenant’s apartment, but you’ll need higher-level cameras to see a wider range of an area.

After you perform a task successfully you can call the Ministry by using the phone in your apartment.

In order to gather evidence and build profiles, you’ll need to search items and click on their descriptions at the bottom of the window to add the information to the profile. You can head to your apartment and file reports of illegal activity using the report feature. You must fill out the appropriate details and send in the report.

Beholder - Report File

For empty apartments, you’ll need to repair the apartments and move in new tenant(s). It costs money to repair the apartments, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough money before you repair empty lots.

You can talk to various tenants about different subjects, and some tasks will require you to ask about specific subjects. Simply find the person and ask them certain questions depending on the mission objective.

If there’s someone you have to investigate you may not always have to write up a report, instead you will simply file a profile of the individual. This includes selecting items from their profile inventory and adding them to the profile you can send to the Ministry, as outlined in the video below.

Alternate playthroughs of Beholder will change the outcome of the way players can interact with certain characters. While some of the tenants stay the same, the outcome of the interactions can vary depending on how you talk to other characters, or if you choose to blackmail the characters.

For instance, in the playthrough below from Yippee Ki Ya Mr. Falcon dealt with Jacob in a completely different way, first trying to blackmail him and then learning that Jacob was abusing Carl’s kids.

There are some linear mission quests early on. Side-quests such as the saucepan are standard – you can get a free saucepan if you talk to Martha from apartment 1. You can also find your daughter’s missing toy from the wardrobe in your apartment.

You can also get economic books for your son Patrick from Klaus Schimmer by asking him about it before you’re tasked with evicting him.

You can talk to the Archivist about helping Klaus but he’ll only do so in exchange for a bottle of whiskey. YouTuber Delgar3 offers a look at attempting to help Klaus with his problem.

There’s a bottle of whiskey in apartment 2 from the new tenant or you can buy it from the trade salesman, along with aspirin for Martha.

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