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4 October 2015

ARK: Survival Evolved Frog Taming Guide

One of the new animals in ARK: Survival Evolved is a frog called the Beelzebufo. You can tame the frog to make it a pet or a ride and you can go into battle bouncing and hopping at your leisure. There’s a guide to help gamers find and tame the frog and make it one under your legion of many dinosaurs.

According to a video walkthrough from YouTuber iBallisticSquid, he has a quick guide available that you can check out below. He makes the mistake of getting licked in the face and going unconscious for a bit after finally knocking out some frogs.

It only takes about three tranquilizer darts to stun a Beelzebufo frog. If you can get a good headshot in you can actually drop a frog with one tranquilizer.

You’ll need to be at least level 25 to craft a Beelzebufo saddle. You’ll need 170 hide, 95 fiber, 30 wood and 5 cementing paste.

ARK: Survival Evolved - Beelzebufo

You can find the Beelzebufo frogs near the new swamp and lake biomes. They don’t take quite as long to tame as the dire wolf or some of the other larger dinosaurs, but they can be very dangerous to fight given their long tongue reach and ability to quickly hop away.

KingDaddyDMAC has a rather lengthy video about the frog taming and one trick mentioned in the video worth noting: Instead of transferring prime meat from your pet to an unconscious Beelzebufo take prime meat directly from your own personal inventory and add it to the Beezebufo’s inventory.

After taming a frog you can use it to not only get around but also to unleash some fairly devastating attacks against foes. There are a couple of tongue attacks that can quickly down enemies, enabling you to farm resources and items really fast.

Unlike the Dire Wolf the frog’s saddle at least carries 25 points of armor, so you not only get some extra defense against other dinosaurs and humans during battle, but you also have a mount that’s very mobile.

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